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January 2019

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 5 Mistakes to avoid when you get into the web-entrepreneurship

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: 5 Mistakes to avoid when you get into the web-entrepreneurship   Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:20 am

Here is the first set of a cycle of five errors. In this series, we discover what are the main pitfalls and mistakes frequent, we can avoid to save time and energy in building our business in our marketing in our e-mailing, copywriting ... .
1) 5 mistakes to avoid when you want to get into the web-entrepreneurship:

1) Do not make the mistake of trying to do what you can not do it at all , which does not fit you at all. No need to waste your time and energy. It is unlikely that what you do not like (if you do not know how, it will not please you) brings you financial success and satisfaction.

2) Want to create a home-based business for the wrong reasons . Job loss may be one of those wrong reasons. Example, if your main objective is to compensate for the loss of salary, you may quickly get discouraged, give up, and finally, to have wasted your time. As a freelancer, you need to tell you that you probably earn almost nothing for 2 or 3 months minimum.

3) So believe that you will win a fortune at the end of one week or one month (this can obviously happen, everything is potentially possible). But very often, people say you and promise you that kind of return, you lie.

4) Escape your worst enemy: the "negativity communicative "of others. Shun like the plague those whose everyday world is littered with reproaches, slanders, negative words ...

5) Do not take your work seriously on the Internet , stay in an amateur, not professional energy. Do not do his best, going too fast, and too bad for errors.
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5 Mistakes to avoid when you get into the web-entrepreneurship
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